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What makes our software so great?

Alpha Tax Software gives tax preparers the confidence needed in securing a strong foothold in the industry for years to come. Our software is an exceptionally user-friendly, accurate, and quick income-tax software, specifically intended for tax professionals looking to stay ahead of the industry.

Our tax office partners depend on this software year in and out by taking advantage of all the innovative benefits and services available to them. Take a look at some of our Professional Tax Software benefits below.

Document Management Integrations

Our document management integrations will surely save your office on expenses via a paperless solution. These integrations store all your documents securely and privately.

Remote Signature

Remote Signature allows you to save time by letting you complete a tax return without the need for the taxpayer or spouse to be in your office. The taxpayer will authenticate their identity, review a copy of the return as a PDF, then sign. The signed return is then stored in your software for access anytime!

Third-party Gadgets

With third-party gadgets being supported flawlessly by most of our tax software products, you'll save more of your valuable time, money, and space. Coupled with our document management integrations, your office can now automatically store all signed documents. Prepare more returns in much less time the paperless way!

Complex Tax Returns Support

Our software supports all the forms and schedules you would need. It handles the most complex tax returns seamlessly and smoothly.

Software Minimum Requirements Desktop

  • Windows 8.1 or higher (Apple Mac OS is not supported on any Desktop Software) Windows 10 Pro Recommended.
  • 2 GB RAM DDR3 or higher (8 GB DDR4 or higher recommended).
  • High-speed Internet Connection (no Hotspot devices allowed).
  • 30 GB Free Space on Hard Drive.


  • A device with a supported, up-to-date browser
  • Internet connection
Mobile app ico
  • Branded with your logo
  • Exchange documents
  • Sign documents and returns
  • Keep track of received documents
  • Communicate privately and securely